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What is MBTI ?

MBTI is the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator® it is a questionnaire based on the psychological teachings of Carl Gustav Jung. He is one of the founders of modern psychoanalytical theory and practice.

This Indicator has been developed over thirty-five years of rigorous scientific validation and is the most widely used of any Personality Indicator.

The main points to understand are: ? The Indicator is a very useful tool to enlarge and deepen our self-knowledge and understanding of our behaviour. ? It can be of real benefit to us in making informed life-choices and in relationship building. ? Your confidentiality will be respected, if the Indicator is administered by qualified and accredited professionals. ? Some people may at first be skeptical about the usefulness of the Indicator, but it has been rigorously trailed and validated over many decades of refinement and use by highly qualified personnel. ? It is not a test . There are no right or wrong answers . ? TYPE is a shorthand way of describing four sets of mental processes. Types are not pigeonholes, but describe preferred ways of functioning in the world.


Just as every person has a differently shaped body, so each of us has a differently 'shaped' personality. Just as no one body shape is inherently better or worse than any other , so no personality is better or worse, right or wrong, compared to any other. The PURPOSE of the MYERS-BRIGGS PERSONALITY TYPE INDICATOR® is to give you a picture of the shape of your personality, based on four scales, and adding up to four letters. e.g. ENTJ or ISFP. There are sixteen different combinations of letters corresponding to sixteen different and unique Personality Types. The INDICATOR is based on four scales. Each scale represents two ends of a continuum of two preferences. These are like 'right' or 'left-handedness' to use an example. You might prefer to use your right hand to write your name. You do this without consciously thinking about it. But, if you try to use your left hand, the non-preferred hand, you will find it will probably take longer, be a frustrating exercise, and require you to 'work at it'. Never-the-less, most people can write with both hands, but not equally well . We use both hands at all times, but we prefer to use one instead of the other. It is the same with your Personality Preferences. For each of the four scales, all of us use both preferences at different times, but not both at once , and not, in most cases, with equal confidence. YOUR TYPE is what you clearly reveal as your preferred combination of four letters from the sixteen combination types.

Who benefit from this training and process

You will gain great benefit from an understanding of your own and other's Personality Type. It has helped tens of thousands in choice of career; understanding of how they react and work in both social and job situations; what makes them comfortable and uncomfortable in their interactions with others; what they need to do to "recharge"; and what they can expect in their personal development as they mature.

Some words of caution to all readers:

MBTI does not tell you everything about yourself. MBTI does not tell you what career you need to take up. MBTI does not tell you what career to avoid. MBTI does not tell you what other person you will like, get on with, or for that matter, marry. MBTI does give you an indication of what careers might interest people of your Personality Type. MBTI does give you an understanding of why you seem to ?click? with some people and not with others. The scores you obtain on the questionnaire do not indicate how STRONG were your result on each of the scales, they do indicate how CLEAR your preference is for that scale, at this time in your life. CLARITY can change as you mature and grow, but it is unlikely that you will change your TYPE unless this time the Indicator does not reveal the ?real, relaxed, shoes-off? you. It is important to complete the Indicator in a relaxed frame of mind.

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