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Training, Courses & Workshop

Our service includes conduct a workshop and training in
- Leadership and Organisational Management
- Thinking Skills and Creativity
- Self Development.

Edward de Bono Thinking methods
* Lateral Thinking
* Six Thinking Hats
* Direct Attention Thinking Tools
* Simplicity (new course)

Tony Buzan
* Think, Learn and Create, Mind Mapping

Accredited Trainer for MBTI (Myer-Briggs Type Indicator)

Information Technology

Filemaker Database
We have produced quite number of filemaker database solutions to various customer and organisation either as filemaker solution or as stand alone version. FileMaker runs on Windows and MacOS 9 / OSX. Some of the previous projects (downloadable) are listed in project page.

Talk to us if your organisation need customised office automation applications.

Our recent proposed project is Kiosk applications for University of Malaya.

This web site is powered by FileMaker Pro database as backend and served by Apache webserver and php in the frontend


Use QuickTime to play back, create and deliver rich multimedia experiences. Enhance your web site with QuickTime. For the reasons why QuickTime is the platform of choice for multimedia and web designers, producers and distributors. See Quicktime at apple , contact us for help and advice or click here for a sample images.


new book - 2005
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